Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Baked Potato with a Fried Egg

The other morning, I was really tired and didn't really want to do anything too time consuming for breakfast. So I came up with this and it was REALLY good.

(makes one serving)

1 yellow potato
sour cream
green onions or chives
one strip of crispy bacon
and 1 fried egg with runny yolk
salt and pepper
parmesan cheese

Steam your potato in the same way you would if making baked potatoes. Open your potato.

Melt a small pat of butter or smart balance inside your potato. Add sour cream, crumbled bacon and your green onions/chives and a bit of salt and pepper if you want.

Put the fried egg over the top of the potato and break the yolk so it runs over the entire potato.

Add salt and pepper and sprinkle with parm cheese. YUM!

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